Opera Mini for PC


When you browse on the Internet, you typically would choose a couple of browsers as your choice of medium. While no one really uses Internet Explorer anymore, most would pick Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as their choice of browsers. However, did you know that you can use Opera Mini for PC? That’s right, the browser commonly used for handheld devices can now be used for your desktop computer and there are tons of benefits as to why you need to have it too. Having the Opera Mini will give you a totally new experience in browsing the Internet. Here is a short guide on why you need to have it and how you can install it in your computer.

So let’s say that you have a very slow Internet connection at home or you brought your laptop to a place where the Wi-Fi is shared by tons of people, making it real slow as well. However, you need to check for something online real quick and you barely have enough time to wait for a very simple page to load. This would be the perfect time to use Opera Mini for your computer as this will literally cut the surfing time in half. The browser is commonly used for Android phones, Blackberry units and other handheld devices that have Internet capability.

What the browser actually does is compress the contents of anything you are browsing on the Internet, which means a faster loading time for the page. Resources are used at a minimum and a high bandwidth is not required for Opera Mini to display a page fast. Even if you are running at a 56k connection, you can search quickly with this browser. Now the hard part is actually installing Opera Mini in your computer, which is not that tough to do at all. It can be challenging for some but with the right set of directions, you can pull it off in a jiffy.

There are third party resources in which you can download Opera Mini for PC from and most of them are quite reliable as a matter of fact. However, you can also download the installer direct from the Opera website itself. Just proceed to the Downloads section of the website and you will be given two options on what you want to get. The first option is the one for Mac, Pc or Linux computers. This is the one you need to download for your computer. So, follow the instructions and download the installer to your hard drive.

In your computer, look for the destination path in which the installer has been downloaded to. Run the application and simply follow the directions to install Opera Mini for PC in your computer. Once it has been installed completely, you can now run the browser without any problems. In addition, you can also choose to make Opera Mini your default web browser if you want to in case you are always in the presence of slow Internet connections. Good luck!